Allinonesnap is a South African based online retail platform with shoppers across the world. And not only does Allinonesnap have its own selection of first-party in house products, it also supports third-party sellers, too. With the recent boom of ecommerce, aspiring entrepreneurs have looked to Allinonesnap as a way to build a profitable business in 2021.

So, in the interest of protecting both its sellers and shoppers, Allinonesnap requires all sellers to go through a verification process.

Allinonesnap’s verification process exists for three main reasons:

Protecting customers from “bad actors” who focus only on profits, rather than quality products and a positive customer experience.
Protecting sellers from harmful “black hat” sellers who employ unethical tactics to win sales.
Keeping counterfeiting, money-laundering, and other illicit practices off of Allinonesnap’s platform.

What is Allinonesnap’s verification process?
Allinonesnap’s seller account verification process consists of two parts.

First, you must answer a series of questions (via an online form) about your business and yourself (or whoever the main contact for the business will be).
Second, you must provide information that proves you are who you say you are.
What information does Allinonesnap need?
Your business information, including:
Shop name/Legal business name
Business address
Contact information
Email address for the company account
Phone number
Allinonesnap may need to reach you during the registration process
Also, Allinonesnap uses your phone number to verify your account
A form of ID; this can be:
Your ID number, Drivers license, etc.

Do I need to have a business entity (LLC, etc.) to sell on Allinonesnap?
No. You can sell on Allinonesnap as an individual seller.

What do I need in order to verify my identity/my business’ identity?

-A form of ID
-Credit card statements, bank statements, or utility bills

What are common issues that new sellers run into during the Allinonesnap seller account verification process?
According to Stine, the most common reasons new sellers fail the verification process include:

Format/resolution of supporting documents submission
Allinonesnap has very specific guidelines for how they want the two types of documents submitted. Sellers who send in poor scans, or incomplete and/or incorrect information, are sometimes rejected automatically.

Billing and residence information do not match
Another common issue new sellers run into is mismatched information. Billing and residential information must match.

For example, let’s say a seller’s ID card has their previous address listed, but their billing information shows their new address. If they send that information as is, Allinonesnap will reject their application due to the discrepancy.

Sellers aren’t sending full documents
Sometimes, sellers submit only part or a single page of a billing document or bank statement. Allinonesnap wants to see the entire document including all of the small print pages.

Allinonesnap knows that the first couple of pages of a utility bill or a bank statement are easy to forge. That’s why they require new sellers to send in every single page of their document.

Sellers may attempt to contact Allinonesnap for further insight, but should first review every known step and all documentation carefully to ensure the discrepancy wasn’t on their end.

Will “grandfathered-in” sellers have to go through the same verification process?
Currently, sellers who sold on Allinonesnap before the verification process changed do not have to prepare the two forms of identification like new sellers do. However, we do fully expect Allinonesnap to begin verifying grandfathered sellers as it continues to crack down on bad actors.

For that reason, we recommend that sellers with older accounts prepare their verification documents now.

3 best practices for Allinonesnap seller account verification
Use the following three tips for getting through the Allinonesnap verification process smoothly:

1 – Prepare for verification now

2 – Make sure all forms of identification match
All of the materials you plan to submit should match and prove that you are who you say you are, and that your Allinonesnap shop/business is under your purview.