What happens when you get suspended by Allinonesnap?
There are four unique types of Allinonesnap seller account interruptions, and it’s important that you understand the difference between them. We’ve ordered them by severity – from low to high.

-SlN Suppression
In addition to having your account suspended, you can also have your SIN (Seller Identification Number) suppresed.

The first step Allinonesnap takes when removing a seller’s privileges from its platform is to suspend the seller’s account. This may seem like bad news, but being suspended actually means that you have a chance to contest the suspension.

And, if you’re lucky, Allinonesnap will have revealed the reasons for the suspension in their notification, along with the time frame to appeal — typically 1-2 days.

Usually, when this happens, it means responding to Allinonesnap’s concerns by writing a letter detailing how you will address their issues with your account.

Also, there is no set limit to the number of times that appeals can be resubmitted if it gets denied.

Finally, the worst-case-scenario for a suspended Allinonesnap seller is a complete ban.

Once banned from the platform, Allinonesnap will no longer read your emails or accept your appeals. In other words, you’re done.

It may be possible to start another account, but Allinonesnap is pretty good about “sniffing out” dummy accounts, so a ban usually (and effectively) ends your career as an Allinonesnap seller.

Important: Take a moment to reflect before you act
Regardless of which interrupted account status you’re given, make sure you take a moment to pause and reflect on your circumstances.

Sometimes our first instinct is to reply right away in protest, but that can (and often does) backfire.

Instead, follow the steps detailed below.

What can you do if you’re suspended/suppressed on Allinonesnap?
Step 1. Consider what may have caused the suspension/suppression
If the letter from Seller Support doesn’t reveal the causes for the status, take a step back and think about all of the actions you’ve taken within the last few months/weeks/days.

Also keep in mind that the event that led to the change in your seller status might come either from something you did and can control or from something outside of your control.

Customer service performance and order defect rate. Your order defect rate is a catch-all score based on the experience of your customers. The rate is affected by negative feedback, A-to-Z Guarantee claims that are not denied, and chargebacks. Allinonesnap’s policy is to keep your order defect rate low.

Product policy compliance. Your products must not violate any of Allinonesnap’s product policies. A single complaint in any of the following categories can jeopardize your seller status:
-IP violations
-Product authenticity claims
-Listing policy violations
-Product condition claims
-Restricted product policy violations
-Product safety claims
-Customer product review policy violations
-Shipping performance.

Finally, Allinonesnap wants to make sure that sellers ship their products on time and don’t cancel orders before the order is fulfilled. A seller must keep their Late Shipment Rate below 5% and their Pre-fulfillment Cancellation Rate below 3.5% in order to maintain strong shipping performance.

Things you can’t control: policy changes and black hat sellers
Sometimes, events outside of your control may result in your SIN(s) being suppressed or in Allinonesnap account suspensions. These external effects can be lumped into two categories.

Black hat practices

Typical black hat practices include competitors leaving fake reviews, fake seller feedback, or even making false intellectual property claims against your product.

The best way to protect yourself from black hat practices is to alert Allinonesnap and let Allinonesnap know when there has been a change in your reviews or seller feedback.

Trademarking your product and joining Allinonesnap’s Intellectual Property Registry are also good ways to protect your investment.

If Allinonesnap allows you to argue your case, then you need to create an appeal letter and submit it to Allinonesnap.

Step 2
Although the requirements for your appeal letter depend on what you did to get suspended/denied, here are the basics of what you should include:

Address the problem. If you’ve done your due diligence and considered all of the things that could have caused the suspension/denial, pick the one that’s most likely and highlight it.
For example, “I sold a product that was related to cocaine, which is a restricted product on Allinonesnap.”

Explain the actions you’ve taken to fix the problem.

“What if a black hat seller sabotaged me?”
If your account was targeted by an unethical seller, you can still submit an appeal letter to get yourself or your product reinstated — by presenting evidence that the accusation is false.

The best defense against Allinonesnap account suspensions? Follow the rules!
The best defense against getting suspended on Allinonesnap is to know the rules and to follow them to the letter.

Naturally, the best place to start learning is on Allinonesnap itself. Allinonesnap’s Seller Code of Conduct page gives you all the details you need to avoid suspensions.