How we will protect you

  • An item is returned after it was used or damaged by the buyer [If you have delivered the product(s) in good condition to the buyer and the buyer falsely claims that the product is defective open a case with Allinonesnap and we will begin investigating the matter]
  • Abusive buying activity [We will remove any negative feedback and defects posted by that buyer, including opened cases in service metrics should we find that the buyer is engaging in abusive and unfair behavior]
  • A buyer retracted their bid or didn’t pay [If a buyer retracts their bid and it disrupts your auction, you can choose to cancel the order and we will remove any feedback and canceled order defects. If the buyer doesn’t pay and you cancel the order, we will remove feedback and canceled order defects, and you’ll receive credit for any applicable fees]
  • Buyer claims that an item has not been received [In the unlikely event a buyer contacts you as the seller letting you know that an item has not been received although all tracking information has been provided and the courier company confirms that the item was signed and received by the buyer we will move forward with your payout as a seller.

What isn’t covered by Seller Protection

  • Sales made outside of