Buyer F.A.Q

  1. How long does delivery take? Sellers on AllInOneSnap will deliver your parcel to you within 5-7 working days, unless stated otherwise in the sellers product listing.
  2. Can I communicate with the seller? Yes, you may communicate with the seller through the product enquiry message facility found at the bottom of the sellers product listing.
  3. I’ve added multiple items to my cart, why am I being charged twice for delivery at checkout? When adding two or more products to your cart from different sellers you will be charged twice. If you’d like to avoid this, please make sure you purchase an item/items from one seller at a time to keep your delivery charge at a fixed price.
  4. I haven’t received my item, what now? In the case that your item has not been delivered to you within 5-7 working days or the time frame specified by the seller, please refer to our buyer protection page and lodge a report to our customer support team.
  5. Where do sellers deliver to? Sellers on AllInOneSnap deliver items all over South Africa, unless stated otherwise by the seller.
  6. What payment options are available on AllInOneSnap? Masterpass, SnapScan, EFT, Card.

How Buying On AllInOneSnap Works?

  1. As a buyer you will browse around the AllInOneSnap Marketplace and select the product you would like to purchase
  2. After adding your desired product/products to your cart, you’ll click on “checkout” and add all the necessary delivery & payment info needed.
  3. After your payment is successful, the seller will be notified immediately and ship the product to you as soon as possible.
  4. You will also receive an order confirmation email from AllInOneSnap.
  5. If you have/haven’t received your product and have concerns please lodge a buyer protection complaint.

Seller F.A.Q

  1. Is selling on AllInOneSnap FREE? Yes, selling on Allinonesnap is free we just take a small fee for transactions.
  2. How does Advanced Seller Protection work? Find all the necessary seller protection information you need under “seller info” via the menu bar.
  3. How do I start start selling on AllInOneSnap? Simply click on the menu bar and select “start selling” to create your account and sell.
  4. Do I need company registration documents to sell? No
  5. Who delivers the products to buyers? You as the seller are responsible for delivering products bought from your store to buyers.
  6. Am I protected as a seller? Yes, as a seller on AllInOneSnap you are covered by our Advanced Seller Protection.